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Whizz Kids go back to school

How DO you do Jenga on a bike Kev? Well, stick around and find out was the reply to the 27 riders gathered at the start of today’s session as guests of the friends of Church Langton school. With glorious sunshine and blue skies we used this session as a taster incorporating skills and a bit of racing. First up was the version of the classic skills circle incorporating ride the line, a couple of slaloms, a bit of off and on and a stop box finishing on a ring the bell (before the building holding the bell was knocked down – not by us). Second up we used the giant dartboard as a target for precision braking before heading out to the field and a couple of races. After this we moved to the aforementioned Jenga which proved a great way to show off the skills and a proved a brilliant example of rider concentration.
As is tradition we finished with a circle of doom and unusually it ended in a 5-way tie as all remaining riders managed to stop simultaneously.
Thanks today to Joanne from FoCL for the invite and refreshments, to Ian and Jon, Mia and Jade for helping with the event and to Susie for the photo’s
Good Luck to Simon on his Level 2 coaching course and to Dean for the 3-peaks tomorrow. We’ll see you soon!


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