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Phil Rayner shows the young ones how it’s done!

Phil Rayner took part in a road race promoted by Nomads Hitchen Cycle Club this morning and sent in this report.

“Riding a BC race against the young ones this morning, getting some fast miles in before the last old mans races of the season.

Fast pace from the off , I soon realised it would be very difficult to succeed in a breakaway, so I watched and stayed near the front out of trouble.
Several atttemps at a break all came back, not surprising with a 26mph average.
Last lap, stay near the front, ready for the uphill sprint, follow the early kickers move out wait for the early kickers to fade, launch from 150 metres to go… damn one sprocket to high, try to hold on to the line as the road steepened. Legs tying up
One young fast twitched sprinter gets by me just before the line.
Oh well, 2nd place is pleasing, especially as the winner is 30 years my junior , and im older than his dad!
A very safe race promoted by Nomads Hitchin cycling club , thanks to all helpers and marshals”.
Well done Phil



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