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Bunny rides to 2nd place!

Bunny increased his savings towards a new car earning £20 for 2nd place in his age group in Sunday’s Steve Gutteridge Memorial Road Race near Macclesfield. This was another age related race in which riders compete with those of similar age, in 5 year bands. Many of those still racing in later life are ex professionals, National or even world champions so the racing can be intense. This event was over 3 laps of a 10.5 mile circuit.

4 riders broke away in the 2nd lap with Bunny being stuck on the inside and unable to immediately respond and despite repeated attempts later to bridge the gap he was unable to cajole any other riders to make the concerted effort necessary. A bunch finish to pick up the minor placings saw Bunny pick up his second in age group prize and helped continue his run of placings in all his races so far this season.

Next Sunday sees Welland Valley riders being represented in many age groups in the prestigious Percy Stallard Trophy series being held North of Hull.


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