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Brampton Valley Way family ride

The first Whizz Kids of 2019 was the family ride along the Brampton Valley way and a dozen riders rolled out along the old railway line at 2:00pm for an out and back ride to the summit seat beyond Kelmarsh. As usually happens riders get strung out on this ride with the faster riders charging off into the distance while others enjoy a more leisurely ride and this year was no exception and a good day was had by all. The route today totaled 16.5km for the rider, perhaps with the exception of Daisy from Africa* who used the full width of the trail and likely managed to tot up a couple of Km extra by riding a more meandering style, the bottom line is that all riders made it to the summit and all made it back again – just. Just one mechanical on the ride was complicated by the loss of part of the quick release but the choice of anodised pink fittings made locating the lost part a little easier.
Thanks to Simon, Ian and Jade for a support today, a good day had by all.
*p.s. Daisy might not really be from Africa, but she was very convincing!


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