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The Lee Scampton Trophy


The Welland Valley CC recently held their annual presentation evening at Kilworth Springs Golf Course.

One of the many prestigious awards celebrated that evening was the Lee Scampton Trophy.

The award is given to the club member that has accumulated the most miles at the end of the season (a week prior to the awards evening, November 2018) by completing any of the following;

– Reliability trial
– Sportive
– Or any official non-competitive ride.

This years winner is Anthea Turnbull.

So who was Lee ‘Scampo’ Scampton?

I think former Welland Valley member and good friend of the cycling club Gavin Hinxman captures Lee brilliantly in words below.

Former Wheelers stalwart, Lee Scampton, lost his battle against cancer in December 2006.

‘I am sure that all the club members of the time remember him with great admiration. For those of you that were not around in the 80’s / early 90’s when Scampo did so much for the club, I would like add my memories of him.

When I joined the Welland Valley Wheelers as one of a group of juveniles, Lee was one of the ‘stars’ of the club.

We were meeting at St Luke’s hospital at the time, as our 10’s started from there. Lee, by his own admission, was not a top ‘tester’; we had Barry Marshall, Lyn Morris, Brian Wills, to name but a few, to top that section.

I don’t think that the club would be a strong as it is today if it wasn’t for some of the foundation stones that Lee laid.

He organised road races (the Jim Watts & the Copy Shop events I believe).  His pièce de résistance was undoubtedly the annual Carnival Crits, for which the organising started a year before the event. These criteriums took place in the mid-late 80’s, in the days before the Market Harborough town centre was paved & part pedestrianised.
The whole town centre was closed (A feat in itself).

The event was planned & organised by Lee to the detail, with members ‘mucking in’ & local businesses ‘encouraged’ to support it! Lee had that way with people, his enthusiasm ‘rubbed off’.

Lee was also the driving force behind the club sponsorship by ANC parcel Services.

Lee was a long distance time trial specialist, even though, with everything else he had on his plate, he never really had the time to prepare fully.

He could ‘blag it’ though.  He could ride a 12-hour event on the back of a couple of club 10’s! He held the club 100-mile record (knocking 4 minutes off Barry’s time) & the 12-hour record until I pipped it by 2 miles!

Lee encouraged me to do this, however his advice of “ride a 50 & hang on” still makes me smile 20 years later!  Lee still holds the 24-hour record & the Lands End to John o’Groats record (878 miles in 99 hours, 58 minutes and 58 seconds).

He got knocked off his bike by a taxi as he started, but he had people depending on him, so up he got, & carried on!’

Dean Barnett




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