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Three Lions and Three Club Runs!

Three Lions and Three Club Runs. What a weekend in prospect!
Celebrate England reaching their first World Cup semi final for eons by joining one of THREE club runs this Sunday. (OK – a bit presumptuous that they’ll win tomorrow, but you get the sentiment!)
All depart from The Square in Harborough at 9.15am.
Rob Moore will lead the fast ride averaging 18mph+; Chris Dainty will lead the mid-paced ride at 15mph+ and John Welsford will lead the steady ride at 13mph.
Something for everyone; so no excuse not to join the fun – especially with coffee and cake (and ice cream) waiting at the end at Welland Park cafe.
If you’re arriving by car, please leave a little extra time as a couple of roads in the town centre are closed on Sunday because of a classic car rally.
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