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Volunteers for study

Are you interested in a study?

Dr Steve Faulkner is on the hunt for some riders to take part in a study that he’s running at Nottingham Trent University. He’s basically looking into the relationship between optimising aerodynamics and the physiological/performance cost/benefit of doing so.
Each rider who takes part and meets the criteria will get a full physiological performance profile and some top insight into their TT position.

Steve is looking for males who train and race in TTs/Triathlon and use a TT bike, aged 18-45 and ride 4+ times a week.

The study involves fitness testing with full athlete profiling and feedback (VO2 max test, lactate profiling, power/HR based training zones) followed by 5 -10 mile TTs in the lab with at least 4-5 days between trials. The TT position will be manipulated (on a lab bike) to alter the aerodynamics and to then measure the physiological and performance cost or benefit.

If you are interested in taking part, you should get in touch directly with Steve on:-



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