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Whizz Kids Velodrome Riders Info


Rider Notes

To ensure all riders have a worthwhile and productive training session at the Cluster Sessions we recommend the following;


  • Riders should wear their Club Kit, this helps coaches identify the riders for feedback
  • Riders should wear an undervest underneath their cycling jersey, it is advisable to bring spare vests or jerseys in case you get hot or sweaty
  • A towel is also useful addition to your kit bag
  • Cycling helmet – Mandatory
  • Cycling mitts or gloves – Mandatory
  • Cycling shoes please ensure your cleats are not excessively worn if using your own bike
  • Riders note when using hire shoes please ensure the cleats are not worn or loose this is your responsibility to check (Derby bikes will be fitted with pedals if you are hiring a bike you cannot change to your own pedals)
  • A change of casual clothing to change into after the session has ended, showers are available if you wish
  • Food and plenty of drink to last you for the entire session
  • All kit to be packed in a suitable bag, riders will be responsible for the area around them a kit bag keeps all your belonging safe and tidy
  • Please bring trainers or shoes with you into the track centre, these are to be used when walking outside of the track centre (visits to toilets etc).
  • Riders should also note that Parents will not be permitted to stay in The D with riders once the session starts so please ensure that you have everything you need for the three hours.


  • If using your own bike please make sure it is mechanically sound, and everything is tight
  • Ensure you have bar end plugs in the end of your handlebars
  • Ensure tyres are not worn out or have big cuts in them, tyres need to be inflated to 100psi or above
  • Ensure you have the correct gearing for a steep indoor track (gear restriction by category can be found on British Cycling website, you can use a lower gear than recommended for your age category)
  • Please bring a set of cycling rollers, riders will be learning to use them to warm up and warm down and practise skills on when not on the track (borrow a pair from a club mate if possible)

For any further advice please consult your club coaches.

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