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Whizz Kids Velodrome Parents Info


Parents Notes

To ensure all riders have a worthwhile and productive training session at the Cluster Sessions we recommend the following;

What to take

Please ensure that your child has read the riders notes. This gives them information on what to bring to the session.

Try to let them make it their responsibility to pack.

Arrival time

Please be at the Velodrome by 7.30 am. This allows for enough time to sort out hire bike and shoes, change, sign on, rider briefing and warm up.

Parental Consent Form

You will need to fill in a parental consent form for the first session that your child attends. Please fill this in before the session and bring it with you. We will keep this on file.

Parental consent form is available from your club coach or the BC website.

If there are any changes to medical conditions for future sessions there is a short form to complete which your club coach can give you.

Access to Track Centre

Parents are very welcome to stay for the whole session but we ask them to leave the track centre (riders D) after the initial briefing at 8am.

This gives the parents a better view of the action and helps riders to develop the independence and responsibility that they will need for the future.


We will expect all riders to remain until the end of the session at 11.45am. This allows time for debrief and ensuring that the riders D is tidy.

For any further advice please consult your club coaches.

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