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2022 Club Championship

Welland Valley has a thriving time trial section with a variety of courses and distances – from 5 miles to 25 miles (with 10 miles the most frequent) – with competitors range in age from 12 to 70+. All abilities are welcome (especially TT novices) with riders on standard road bikes currently make up around 50% of all TT competitors.

At the end of every event there’s tea and cake back at race HQ, and the chance for a catch up with other riders

Event Date Course Results
#1 13th March 9.5 Mile Hardride, Medbourne* Results
#2 27th March 20 mile Hardride, Medbourne* Results
#3 5th April 10 mile Hardride, Thorpe Langton Results
#4 10th April 25 mile TT, Kibworth* Results
#5 19th April 10 mile TT, Thorpe Langton Results
#6 3rd May 10 mile TT, Thorpe Langton Results
#7 17th May 10 mile TT, Naseby Results
#8 29th May 25 mile TT, Kibworth (Armstrong and Hunter Cups)* Results
#9 31st May 10 mile TT, Kibworth Results
#10 14th June 10 mile TT, Kibworth Results
#11 28th June 10 mile TT, Kibworth Results
#12 6th July 25 mile TT, Middleton (Interclub and Timson Cup)* Results
#13 10th July Flying Mile & 10 Mile TT, Kibworth* Results
#14 12th July 10 mile TT, Bruntingthorpe Results
#15 26th July 10 mile TT, Bruntingthorpe Results
#16 9th August 10 mile TT, Bruntingthorpe Results
#17 23rd August 10 mile TT, Bruntingthorpe Results
#18 4th September Hill Climb, Medbourne* Results
#19 17th September 10 mile TT (N&DCA), Naseby Results
#20 25th September  10 mile TT, Kibworth Results
#21 9th October Flying 5 mile TT, Church Langton* Results

Club Championship Format and League Tables


  • Club Championship is open to all categories and contested over 21 events with the best 11 results counting. At least 2 of which must include events marked with a (*)
    • 9.5 mile Hardride, Medbourne*
    • 20 mile Hardride, Medbourne*
    • 25 mile TT, Kibworth*
    • 25 mile TT, Middleton*
    • Flying Mile & 10 Mile TT, Kibworth*
    • Hill Climb, Medbourne*
    • Flying 5 mile TT, Church Langton*
  • ‘Hardrider’ competition for the best 2 results from the first 3 ‘hardrides’
    • 9.5 mile Hardride, Medbourne*
    • 20 mile Hardride, Medbourne*
    • 10 mile Hardride, Thorpe Langton
  • The Nev Brooks Memorial Trophy is awarded on a handicapped basis to establish the most improved first claim rider across the Club’s 10 mile TTs irrespective of age, gender or type of bike used across a rider’s best 7 events
    • The ‘base time’ for a rider’s first event is 21 minutes, and then the rider’s handicap time is calculated based on the rider’s best time in the series to date
    • So, at the first race, if a rider achieves time of 27:30, their handicap will be 6:30
    • If at the next race, the rider achieves 27:00, their handicap becomes 6 etc
    • The best 7 results count, and rider with the most points at the end of the series will be awarded the Trophy

In each category the fastest rider scores 60, 2nd scores 55, 3rd 51, and then 48, 46, 44, 42, 40, 39, 38, etc. The Veteran section is calculated using the ‘standard’ handicap system.  Veteran competitions will be open to those aged 50 or over.

2022  TT Championship and League Tables:

The Cox Automotive Leagues offers the chance for all riders to compete with those of similar ability in a season long competition.  The league is based around the Club Championship and comprises  Premier, First, Second, Third and Fourth divisions.

Riders who have competed in this year’s TT Championship are allocated a division according to their performances in the first four Club TTs.  This means that the five divisions will each contain riders of broadly similar ability which should make for a fair competition. Riders in each of the five divisions score points in the same format (1st 60, 2nd 55 etc.) with the best six rounds to count.

Standings for the 2022 Cox Automotive TT Leagues

Rules & Regulations

In the interests of both safety and the smooth running of events, the following specific rules will be rigidly enforced:

  • All riders must wear an approved hard shell helmet
  • All bikes must be fitted with a working rear light
  • All bikes must be fitted with a working front light

Additionally, under penalty of exclusion, no rider shall:

  • When warming up, pass by the start line once the event is under way
  • Perform a U-turn in sight of start or finish
  • Return to the timekeeper to enquire of their time whilst the event is in progress
  • Riders under 16 years of age may be accompanied by an adult, subject to conditions which will be clearly displayed at each race headquarters and on the club website

To be eligible for the Men’s and Women’s Road Bike Club Championships riders must indicate to officials at sign-on that they are riding a road bike and equipment used must adhere to the following:

  • No Tri-bars / clip-ons
  • No disc wheels
  • No deep section wheels (over 50mm)
  • No TT-specific aero helmets
  • No skinsuits
  • No aero shoe covers e.g. velotoze (riders are free to wear standard neoprene / fabric shoe covers)
  • Riders must not ride with their forearms resting on the handlebars at any time

CARD 💳 – LIGHT (Front & Rear) 🚨 – RACE 🏎️


All courses are fully signed with marshals at the key junctions.

All adult club members (18+) are required to help at a minimum of one Welland Valley CC racing event per year. If you’re a competitor in TT, Road, Cross or Mountain bike races then you should volunteer at least twice. The Marshaling Rota can be found here

Results from previous years

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