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Do you want to emulate Laura Kenny, Katie Archibald or Ollie Wood or our own Will Perrett? Then the velodrome might be for you!

Track cycling is unique in that the bikes are single speed and fixed wheel bikes. Unlike road bikes, or indeed almost any other bike, there is no freewheel which means that if the wheels are rotating, then so are the pedals. So, you can’t stop pedalling. Ever. Also, track bikes have no brakes; you modulate your speed by controlling the pedalling speed and using the shape of the track to keep a safe gap between you and riders in front.

Sounds terrifying? Or maybe exhilarating? Don’t worry. All velodromes (including our local Derby track) provide structured accreditation training for anyone who wants to ride indoors, where you will learn how to enter and exit the track safely, as well as learning essential observation skills and how to master the banking.  There are regular “taster” sessions where you can have a go and see if you fancy it.

All right; the above, along with the intimidating gradients of the banking are quite off putting for some, but if you follow the accreditation, you soon forget these early thoughts and get bitten by the “ride hard and ride fast” bug which all trackies I know love and enjoy.

There really is no better “buzz” in cycling than an hour or so of extreme speed whilst sweeping down the banking and dropping on to a line of riders. The velodrome is always warm, it never rains and there are no cars to ride you off the road! Regular attendees are really friendly, and will offer advice and help, as well as helping new riders gain their track legs.

Several WVCC members ride regularly in Derby at structured quality training sessions (SQTs) and race the various track leagues through the winter months .

If you want to find out more, Derby Arena’s website has lots of details or talk to Doug Tincello

Riding on the track will improve your top end fitness, improve your observational skills on the bike, improve your bunch riding and your bike handling.

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