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Track Cycling

The Welland Valley Cycling Club are one of many fortunate clubs in the Midlands area to benefit from the emergence of a brand new indoor velodrome at Derby, right next door to Derby County Football Club.

Track riding really does have something for everyone; from complete beginners, learning to ride on a fixed wheel bike with no brakes, and in a matter of weeks you can progress from walking pace round the bottom of the track to riding at full speed, in a group of like minded riders, at the top of the banking.

Seasoned campaigners who prepare for national, european and even world championship events, benefit from a wealth of experienced riders and coaches, constantly on hand to offer support on training and race tactics.

There really is no better “buzz” in cycling than an hour or so of extreme speed whilst circling the track.

At 250m in diameter, it’s the perfect size to get some quality training or racing done in a very controlled and safe environment, and better still, there’s no cars to ride you off the road!

Racing the track league through the winter months puts a huge smile on riders’ faces, as they look out the windows to see it’s snowing or minus three degrees outside!

Riding regularly on the track at structured quality training sessions (SQTS), not only rapidly improves your fitness, but really hones a bike rider’s skills at riding in a group in very close quarters, or following the derny (motor pacing) at 50kph!

Welland Valley CC have enjoyed group sessions at Derby, hiring the track solely for club members to gain their track “Accreditation”, which allows qualified riders to take part in SQTS and track racing events.

It’s not just the senior riders who ride on the track – our juniors section, Welland Valley Whizz Kids also make great use of track sessions. Use this link to find out more about the Whizz Kids riding that takes place at the Derby Velodrome.

The track at Derby is usually open to ride on (booking advisable) from 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week.

Give it a go, you will love it! 🙂

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