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Summer Chaingangs

Thursday evening chaingang are proving a great success.  We have had upwards of 30 people attending, each weekand joining in the very specific training sessions.  The evening involves laps of a short circuit around Welham/Ashley/Medbourne and Cranoe and consists of riders progressing, at pace, in close formation.

It is a fairly intense effort compared, for example with a club run, but members should not think that it is only for the fastest people.  We have been running with three groups, with different average speeds, and could add more if there was sufficient interest.  Members will be matched with the group that best matches their own pace, and will then work together to complete circuits at a high intensity.  In doing so we hope to get stronger and develop our skills riding with others.   The sessions are around an hour long

It is true that each week a few people won’t quite manage to finish with the group they started with, but that can lead people to push themselves next time and doesn’t stop them continuing the session with the knowledge that there are other groups behind and that it is a short distance back to the start.

It is really pleasing to see members keep coming back and looking forward to the sessions.  We will keep running them through the summer and if you would like a work out on a Thursday evening and either didn’t know about the chaingang or felt it might not be for you, why not give it a try?

Time/Date: Every Thursday from April to August @ 7pm

Location: Stonton Road, Church Langton (by Community Hall)

Scheduled Events: All events for Summer Chaingangs

Sign-up: The chaingang is 18:30 every Thursday starting at Church Langton. If you wish to be added to the WhatsApp group used to organise the rides or want to know more contact Rob MoorePhil Rayner or Nick Clarke.

New Member? Non Welland Valley members are welcome to join a couple of club runs to see how things work and (hopefully) go on to join up.

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