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Welland Valley CC warmly welcomes e-bike riders.

The club recognises the growth in e-bikes is attracting new people to cycling; and also enables existing riders to continue to enjoy their sport.

E-bike riders are welcome on club runs, social rides, sportives, audaxes, training and skills sessions and all non-competitive events.

They are also welcome to take part in any competitions and awards with a specific category for e-bikes.

 E-bikes will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. The bike must have pedals which can be used to propel it.
  2. The electric motor should not be able to propel the bike when it is travelling at more than 15.5mph.
  3. The motor should have a maximum power output of no more than 250 watts.

Rider etiquette

E-bike riders should ride at the pace of the group they are with and should be familiar with – or willing to learn – the skills required for riding in a bunch or paceline.

E-bike riders should avoid aggressively passing riders of non-assisted bikes up steep hills

E-bike riders should be certain they have sufficient battery reserve for the ride they have chosen.

The Club’s Committee recognises that this is an evolving area for our sport, and welcomes observations and comments – please contact Chris Dainty.

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