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Welland Valley Cycling Club is affiliated with the following organisations…

Although if you’re looking for our club sponsors, then they can be found here instead.

British Cycling (BC)

British Cycling is the internationally recognised governing body of cycling in the UK. It administers the sport in the following disciplines: BMX, Cycle Speedway, Cyclo-Cross, Mountain Bike, Road and Track.

Cyclists Touring Club (CTC)

As the UK’s National Cyclists’ Organisation, CTC has been protecting and promoting the rights of cyclists since 1878. CTC is a not-for-profit organisation that is funded through its membership and donations in return for support. By joining CTC you are supporting UK cycling and giving us a louder voice when campaigning locally and nationally on the issues that are important to you.
British School Cycling Association

Founded in 1967 we have, for the past 37 years promoted the sport and pastime of cycling for all young people and have offered opportunities for an increasing number to enjoy the benefits of all aspects of cycling. We now aim to continue and to increase the success we have enjoyed over the years in encouraging young people to continue their enjoyment of cycling into adult life.

In the past this has led to a large number of our members progressing to membership of Senior Governing Bodies and to many of them competing with distinction at National and International Level.

Northants & District Cycling Association (NDCA)

The Northampton & District Cycling Association run season long Time-Trialling Competitions for affiliated clubs. These events range from 8.8miles to 31miles.
Cycling Time Trials (CTT)

In order to ensure a measure of uniformity in the conduct of road time trials, a group of cycling clubs formed the Road Racing Council in 1922. Membership was confined to founder clubs and to clubs promoting open events. A set of recommendations was agreed upon and for fifteen years the sport flourished to such an extent that it became necessary in 1937, in view of the modern traffic conditions and the ever increasing number of events and competitors, to review the whole position.

The result was that within a few months the RRC changed its title to that of the Road Time Trials Council, adopted a new constitution admitting all cycling clubs to membership and embarked upon a scheme of national control both of the sport and those who compete in it.

The organisation of the Council however did not, nor is it intended that it shall, interfere with good club organisation or in the manner in which time trials have been run now for more than three quarters of a century. The main object of the Council remained as it was in 1922, and that is to provide a national uniformity in the conduct of events and take any steps which may be necessary to ensure the continuance and well being of the sport.

Northants Cycle Racing Association (NCRA)

The Association’s aim is to encourage, promote and develop cycle racing in Northamptonshire and adjoining counties.

The current focus of the Association is to encourage road racing, with a particular emphasis on introducing riders to the sport.

We feel that the best way to introduce riders to road racing is through organising handicap races.

Central District Ladies Cycling Association (CDLCA)

The cycling clubs included in The Central District (parts of Derbyshire,Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire,Rutland, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire), encourage all types of cycling.  However The Central District exists as one of the  divisions of the national body ‘Cycling Time Trials’. Hence, time trials are the focus of the CDLCA.

CDLCA runs time trials in the district and awards trophies for achievement locally and nationally.

The association seeks to encourage ladies of all standards and ages to race in time trials and cycle generally.  Competitions with more ladies taking part are always more stimulating and fun for the female competitors. Many of the beautiful old trophies are an honour to win and a pleasure to have on the mantlepiece.  Every little bit of extra motivation helps you dig a bit deeper during a race.

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