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Millie Pinnock and Stuart Haycox’s great bank holiday adventure

C2C Daytripping – Whitehaven to North Tyneside

We dipped our back wheels into the sea at Whitehaven at 0430 ( a perilous activity in itself..) and almost immediately were facing what turned out to be the most punishing climb of the day. On paper it barely registered, it’s fairly short averaging 15% and peaking at around 25%; but with no real warm up and a very recent breakfast, the shere wall of hill was enough for us to both begin to wonder if we had bitten off more than we could chew! Once over the climb, the Lake District began unfolding itself before us, and in that still small hour of the morning with the sun just rising, it was truly magnificent.

  By 0800 we had completed Winlatter Pass and were second breakfasting like true Hobbits in Penrith. We were readying ourselves for the main events of the day, Hartside Pass and the aptly named Killhope Cross. Hartside turned out to be a fantastically fun climb, Killhope considerably less so, but both of us were super chuffed to be right on schedule despite the relentless day long fierce headwind. Spirits remained high all day and as the hills and moors disappeared we were able to up the pace as we headed past the Angel of the North, over the Millennium Bridge and finally to the finish at the beach in North Tyneside. An excellent adventure!’


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