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NCRA Handicap Races- Old

Race report from Stuart Dawkins.

Another perfect day for racing on the Old circuit (that’s the circuit based at Old, not any old circuit … if you see what I mean) last Saturday for the next round of the NCRA Handicap races. It was blue skies and short sleeves all round, with just enough wind on the way to and along the airfield stretch to make things interesting.

There was a strong turnout from Welland Valley. Old-timers (pun intended) Vic Barnett and Stuart Dawkins were in the first group. Scattered variously behind them were Loz Cox, Neil Doherty, Hans van Nierop, Rob Moore and James Moore.

Very unusually, there was a genuine snafu in the handicapping, for which the handicapper apologised profusely at the end of the race. This resulted in a very quick guy being in the first group … and staying away to win.

Otherthan that almostseparate ‘race within a race’, the shape was not dis-similar to the previous week. The faster people in the slower groups got away and stayed away, and the faster people in the faster groups bombed on without quite making the catch. Apparently, the gap between the lead groups at the start of the 9-mile final lap was less than a minute-and-a-half, so it was a gritty performance by the so-called ‘slower’ riders.

Loz Cox and Neil Doherty finished in the first group to finish, with Loz bagging an excellent ninth place. I think the quicker WVCC guys were in the chasing group – but have not confirmed as I rushed off fairly sharpish after the race ended to hear the second half of the Leicester v Bournemouth football match which I otherwise would have attended!

The official result was: 1st Joshua Jones (Zero BC), 2nd James Silk (Royal Air Force CA), 3rd Christy Tabrett (Bedfordshire Road Race Team). First woman was Imogen Chastell (Liv AWOL), who finished 6th overall.

Our thanks to Kettering CC and the National Escort Group motorcycles for organising the race and keeping us all safe.


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