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Welland Valley Ladies Cycling

Carousel LADIES

Welland Valley Cycling Club is not all about men in lycra – we WVCC ladies love our cycling too!

Ladies club rides started in 2015; we ride once a month and have around 10 ladies turn up each month for a 30-ish mile ride around the Welland Valley at a steady pace (an average of around 12-14mph). We look out for each other and no-one gets left behind, so don’t be shy – come and join us!

There are over 100 people who follow the WVCC Ladies Facebook page and around 30 ladies that attended rides as and when we can.

We are a friendly, social bunch who enjoy a good chat and catch up when we get together either on the bike or when we go out in the evening.

This year a group of ladies are going on a training camp to Mallorca in October so that we can enjoy the last of the summer sun 🙂

If you would like to find out more, then please get in touch with Claire Moore who is our new members secretary:

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