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NCRA Rd1 (WVCC Promotion)

Saturday 7th March


14:20pm Start


Ladies Ride

Sunday 8th March

9:00am from The Square, Mkt Harboro'

30 miles, min speed 13mph





Whizz Kids Skills

Saturday 14th March


Welland Park, Mkt Harboro'


LVRC Flèche Waltonne 

Sunday 15th March 


Husbands Bosworth 


Club Championship Rd 2

Saturday 21st March

8.5 Mile TT





Whizz Kids Racing League Rd2

Saturday 28th March 

George House, Magna Park



Evening 8.5mile TT

Tuesday 31st March




 Watt Bike Sessions

Thursdays 7.30pm starting 8th January-

booking by 8:00pm Tuesday Evening essential.

See News Item Here for full details

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Welland Valley Cycling Club

The wait is nearly over

I am just planning the week ahead; with the kit arrival and the first road race this Saturday its proving to be pretty hectic for me.

With this in mind, once sorted I will be taking the kit to the Naseby race on Saturday, where hopefully there will be plenty of hands free to help distribute it after the race has finished. I am aware this is a little late for some of you who will be racing this weekend so have spoken to Neil at George Halls who has very kindly offered to hold onto some orders so they can be collected earlier in the week.

Can those people who absolutely need their kit earlier please let me know ASAP and I will make sure this is dropped in with Neil for you to collect at your convenience.

Thank you,
James Moore - 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the club forum to contact James.



SUNDAY 15th March 2015
Under LVRC Rules


** Phil is still seeking a few helpers to ensure the safe passage of the race, please get in touch if you can help**

Phil Rayner 30 St Ives rd Wigston Leicester LE18 2JA.
Husbands Bosworth Sports Hall,LE17 6JZ open from 08.30
Directions: off junction 20 of the M1 (signposted Lutterworth), take the A4304 road to Market Harborough. Go through Walcote & North Kilworth. You’ll see the HQ on the right hand side as you enter Husbands Bosworth. There is ample parking on the field but NOT on the football pitches.
There are showering facilities in the sports hall
Start approx. 1 mile from HQ – turn right out of HQ and take first left (A5199) just past The Bell Pub. Continue half a mile until you get to CROFT Farm Bed and breakfast Assemble there on the driveway leading to the farm off the main road. Race neutralised from start until junction with B 5414. Continue along A5199 to Shearsby crossroads.Turn left onto Bruntingthorpe rd. Take first left, signed Walton New Road, past Upper Bruntingthorpe, through Walton village GREAT CARE through village to turn left signed to Husbands Bosworth, bear left on exiting village. Proceed to junction with B5414 through finish at the top of the hill, then left to join A5199 to complete the lap.
Race 1 – for riders in A & B category, 45mls, 4.75 laps
Race 2 – for riders in C & D category, 45mls, 4.75 laps
Race 3 – for riders in E, F,& G category, 36 mls, 3.75 laps
Race 1 will start at 10.00 prompt
Race 2 will start at 10.05 prompt
Race 3 will start at 10.07 prompt
RACE 1 and 2 :1st £30, 2nd£25 3rd £20, 4th £15, 5th £10 6th £5 in each category. 
RACE 3: 1st £30, 2nd £25, 3rd £20 4th £15 5th £10 6th £5 plus category prizes TBA. 
There will be race position prizes TBA
Riders must sign on at least 20 minutes before the start of their race, and remember - NO LICENCE, NO HELMET, NO RIDE.
Riders should make their own way to the start on the driveway To CROFT Farm Bed and breakfast 500 metres north of Husbands Bosworth on the A5199.Many thanks to Ed Smith for allowing us to use his driveway for the start
Supplied by MR Gerrard Brooks of MJB First Aid Services
Finish Line Manager : Neil Holman from George Halls Cycles (Support your local Bike shop !)
Marshals and helpers: members and friends of Welland Valley Cycling Club; 



1 David Miller A
2 John Mcvey A
3 Paul Foreman A
4 Rich Edwards A
5 Dafydd Williams A
6 Richard Parrish A
7 Llewellyn Byrne A
8 Michael Rice B
9 Ian Wroblewski A
10 Martin Rigby A
11 Simon Garami A
12 Chris Spencer A
13 Robert Fowler A
14 Andrew Prince A
15 Andy Sykes A
16 Richard Barnett A
17 Matt Plews A
18 Timothy Smith A
19 Mark Corbett A
20 Adrian Bird A
21 Robin McKinnon A
22 Aaron McCaffrey B
23 Jason Gurney B
24 Ian Russell B
25 Mike Jones B
26 Stewart Wilson B
27 Glenn O’Brien B
28 Paul Wain B
29 Giles Pidcock B
30 Marc Dicconson B
31 Stuart Sargeant B
32 Thomas Butcher B
33 Dermot Kealey B
34 Osama Assem B
35 Vince Devine B
36 Desmond Guyler B
37 Anthony Griffith B
38 Paul Turner B
39 Philip Houldridge B
40 Neville Gunn B
41 Patrick Wareham B
42 Ian Holbrook B
43 Rob Merrison B
44 Ian Cooper B
45 Paul Thursfield B
46 Campbell Noon B
47 David Watson B
48 Rob Nicholls B
49 Vince Page B
50 Ian Goold B
51 Ed Goss B
52 Nick Bosworth B
53 Nicholas Rossman B
54 Pete Goff B
55 Neil Wilkes B
56 Peter Morrell B
57 Richard Moore B

START 10.05 RACE 2- C & D CAT
1 Trevor Mayne C
2 Kieran Dineen C

3 Joe Gardias C
4 Robert Hayton C
5 Mark Garrett C
6 Mark Booth C
7 Mark Wilkes C
8 Andy Eagers C
9 Julian Bray C
10 Graham Dolby C
11 Paul Lilley C
12 Martin Hopkinson C
13 Sean Kilroy C
14 Wayne Henderson C
15 Steve Davies C
16 Mike Perry C
17 Bradley Jones C
18 Richard Blackman C
19 Russell Perry C
20 Nigel Burns C
21 Ian Noons C
22 Karl Moseley C
23 Richard Evans C
24 Jon Stephenson C
25 Mike Twelves C
26 Howard Jeffrey C
27 Mike Inder C
28 Mark Hammersley C
29 Simon Gueller C

30 Paul Caton C
31 Rory Screaton C
32 Ralph Carter C
33 James Stewart D
34 John Tusting D
35 Carmelo Luggeri D
36 Phil O’Dell D
37 Steve Tucker D
38 Pete Turner D
39 Ken Roesner D
40 Kirby Bennet D
41 Stephen Baillie D
42 Trevor Bradbury D
43 Ian Cowan D
44 Steve Johnson D
45 James Rutherford D
46 Jim Moffat D
47 Chris Bristow D
48 Rick Hodson (B) ooc
49 Stuart Proctor (B) ooc
50 Rob O’Connor D


START 10.07


51 Jon Crookes Outofcat
52 David Jordan outofcat
53 Sarah Soden W
54 Dave Terry E
55 Joe Rowe E
56 Alistair Cameron E
57 Merv Sperry E
58 John Callaghan E
59 David Capes E
60 Peter Hudson E
61 Steve Jolley E
62 Ken Jones E
63 Joey Williams E
64 Mick Day E
65 Richard Coleman E
66 Paul Cackett E

67 Chris Gunter E
68 Ralph Keeler E
69 Bunny E
70 Peter Nix E
71 Ken Bradbury E
73 Don Parry F
74 Ian Hughes F
75 Jacques Groen F
76 Howard Baker F
77 Martin Hackley F 
78 Dave Woods F
79 John Buxton F
80 Jeff Hathaway F
81 David Back F
82 Kevin Wilson F
83 Victor Barnett F
85 Bill Cotton G
86 John Ginley G
87 Brian Sunter G
88 Barry Jones G
89 Peter Paterson G
90 Derek Woodings H
91 Alan Buxcey outofcat
92 Dave Ross outofcat