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Cross is coming ....OFF-ROAD SKILLS

Wednesday nights 7.00-8.00pm

FROM 24th August. 

Meet at The Harborough Leisure Centre,

Northampton Road,

Market Harborough










Club Bunch Racing & Go-Ride Racing

Tuesday 30th August

Rockingham Raceway 

(GoRide 18:30pm)19:00pm 




Saturday 3rd September

Husbands Bosworth  




Club Bunch Racing & Go-Ride Racing

Tuesday 6th September

Rockingham Raceway 

(GoRide 18:30pm)19:00pm 




Saturday 10th September




20 mile Club Championship Rd 8  

Sunday 11th September


Marston Tussel Village Hall


Phil Rayner, Steve Parks, Helen Talbot, Martin



Saturday 24th September

Husbands Bosworth  


50miles & 100miles 



Saturday 24th September


Welland Park

Market Harborough





The prestigious Lee Scampton trophy will be awarded to the club member

that has accumulated the most miles at the end of the season

(a week prior to the awards evening November 2016)

by completing any of the following;
- Reliability trial
- Sportive
- Or any official non-competitive ride.

 Please find below the updated totals as of the end of July;
Loz Cox 875
Nick Horder 680

Claire Moore 270
John Welsford 254
Chris Dainty 254

Kevin Nichols 146
Vic Barnett 100
Dom Switzer 85.5
George Timmins 85.5




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Welland Valley Cycling Club

September Track Time

Welland Valley riders are very welcome ...

OK, summer's (just about) over. What about the track for the winter? Plenty of inspiration to be had from Rio, and we have a group that covers our local clubs in SE Midlands meeting monthly.

From there the options are racing or skills development, but the buzz of going around the velodrome is worth it alone. The September 10th evening session will get you from track newbie to Level 2 in one go (assuming you don't screw up!).

We aim to get people through the accreditation and able to progress as soon as possible, so if you fancy joining the Derby Track League for 2017, now's the time to plan it.

If you are interested, please email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">Any further details or questions contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

N&DCA 10 - 3rd Sept

Northampton & District Cycling Association
10 mile Time Trial (TT Series Event 9 of 10)
Promoted by Welland Valley Cycling Club for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations 
Saturday 3rd September 2016 starting at 2 pm

Event Secretary: 
Dave Birch, 22 Greenway, Kibworth, LE8 0LU. Tel. 0116 2792756

This is a counting event for all categories of the Time Trial Series Championships.
For up to date N&DCA news including the latest points tables visit our website

Headquarters: Husbands Bosworth Sports Hall, Husbands Bosworth, LE17 6JZ;
– on the left leaving the village on the A4304 towards Lutterworth.

Facilities: The HQ will be open from 1 pm. Light refreshments will be on sale. A free cup of tea or coffee for all marshals and helpers and for competitors on return of race number. Showers and changing rooms are available for male and female competitors.

Parking: Limited parking is available next to the hall.

Timekeepers: George Barnett and Peter Riley.

Values Fastest Lady Junior / Juvenile Masters X
(born 1957-1966) Masters Y
(born 1947-1956) Masters Z
(born 1946 or earlier) Team 
of 3
1st £18 £9 £9 £9 £9 £9 £24
2nd £16 £7 £7 £7 £7 £7 £18
3rd £14 £6 £6- £6 £6 £6 -
4th £12 - - - - - -
5th £10 - - - - - -
6th £9 
7th £8 
8th £7

In the interests of your own safety Cycling Time Trials and the event promoters strongly advise you to wear a hard shell helmet that meets an internationally accepted safety standard. Wearing of hard shell helmets is compulsory for all Juvenile & Junior riders. It is recommended that a working rear light, either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position visible to following road users and is active while the machine is in use.

Local Regulations:

NO U-TURNS are allowed within sight of either the start or the finishing points. Riders carrying out this dangerous manoeuvre are liable for DISQUALIFICATION from the event and further disciplinary action by the district committee. 
Once the time trial is in progress, please do not warm up on the course, or pass the start.

COURSE DETAILS: NC16H Map on next page (M) = Marshal

START: On the A5199 just outside and to the south of Husbands Bosworth in line with gateway to field. Proceed towards Welford on the A5199 and turn left (M) WITH CARE AT TIGHT CORNER OVER STREAM BRIDGE, just after the Wharf Public House, onto unclassified road towards Naseby. Just before Naseby, turn left (M) onto unclassified road towards Sibbertoft. Turn left at T-junction (M) and proceed WITH CARE ON TIGHT BENDS (M) through Sibbertoft. Carry straight on along airfield road to FINISH just before right hand bend and 150 yards prior to T-junction with the A5199. 10 MILES

Number Start Time Name Club Category Vet Standard
1 14:01 Jennifer Clegg Welland Valley CC (A) W62Y 00:30:06
2 14:02 Millie van Nierop Welland Valley CC (A) Juv 
3 14:03 Grant Warwick Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT (A) Z70 00:29:02
4 14:04 Sue Holliday A5 Rangers CC (A) W59X 00:29:44
5 14:05 Tom Lincoln Team P B Performance S 
6 14:06 Charlotte Gregory A5 Rangers CC (A) W 
7 14:07 Tessa Patrick Team P B Performance W 
8 14:08 Laura Owen Team Bottrill W 
9 14:09 Wendy Gooding St Ives CC (A) W52X 00:29:03
10 14:10 Simon Doyle Team (A) S 
11 14:11 Ed Watson Ratae RC (A) S 
12 14:12 Linda Hubbard Welland Valley CC (A) W50X 00:28:53
13 14:13 Jackie Field CC Ashwell (A) W51X 00:28:58
14 14:14 Felix Field CC Ashwell (A) Juv 
15 14:15 Kevin Hobbs Peterborough CC (A) S 
16 14:16 Carl Roberts Welland Valley CC (A) X57 00:27:20
17 14:17 Trevor Parrish A5 Rangers CC (A) Z72 00:29:26
18 14:18 Michael Church Rockingham Forest Whs (A) Y65 00:28:14
19 14:19 Ben Waddington Leicester Forest CC S 
20 14:20 Sam Hayes Team (A) S 
21 14:21 David Cook Bedfordshire Road RT (A) Y60 00:27:38
22 14:22 James Gomm Team (A) S 
23 14:23 James McKenzie CC Ashwell (A) Y63 00:27:59
24 14:24 Tom Bailey Kettering CC (A) Z79 00:31:17
25 14:25 Simon Pitchford Fenland Clarion CC (A) X51 00:26:50
26 14:26 Pete Trotman A5 Rangers CC (A) Y62 00:27:51
27 14:27 Steven Jenkyn Team P B Performance X53 00:26:59
28 14:28 Noah Field CC Ashwell (A) Jun 
29 14:29 Philip Merritt Fenland Clarion CC (A) X55 00:27:09
30 14:30 Gareth Pymm Team Bottrill S 
31 14:31 Michael Smalley Witham Wheelers Z71 00:29:14
32 14:32 Stephen Radmall Hinckley Cycle Racing Club X55 00:27:09
33 14:33 Paul Collins RM Cycling Club (RMCC) S 
34 14:34 Mike O'Connor Kettering CC (A) Z74 00:29:53
35 14:35 Matt Plews Welland Valley CC (A) S 
36 14:36 Andrew M Smith Bedfordshire Road RT (A) X59 00:27:32
37 14:37 Bill Barrie Welland Valley CC (A) Z71 00:29:14
38 14:38 Adrian McHale Peterborough CC (A) S 
39 14:39 Christopher Latham A5 Rangers CC (A) Z70 00:29:02
40 14:40 Christophe Demoulin Peterborough CC (A) S 
41 14:41 Steve Robinson Team (A) S 
42 14:42 Hans van Nierop Welland Valley CC (A) S 
43 14:33 James Stewart Bonito Squadra Corse (A) X56 00:27:14
44 14:44 Vincenzo Pratley A5 Rangers CC (A) Jun 
45 14:45 Steve Kaye Fenland Clarion CC (A) X57 00:27:20
46 14:46 Lawrence Cox Welland Valley CC (A) S 
47 14:47 David Ledgerton Team (A) X52 00:26:54
48 14:48 Paul Hood Hinckley Cycle Racing Club S 
49 14:49 Andrew Jones Rockingham Forest Whs (A) S 
50 14:50 Scott Walker Team Bottrill S 
51 14:51 Mark Ingram Fenland Clarion CC (A) X53 00:26:59
52 14:52 James Beechey Baines Racing Silverstone Cycle (A) S 
53 14:53 James Hargreaves Kenilworth Whs X54 00:27:04
54 14:54 Roy Robinson Team (A) Z70 00:29:02
55 14:55 Andy Sharman Baines Racing Silverstone Cycle (A) S 
56 14:56 Marcos Hart Team P B Performance S 
57 14:57 Paul Schofield St Ives CC (A) S 
58 14:58 Rod Weston Sleaford Wheelers CC X56 00:27:14
59 14:59 Michael Wood Kettering CC (A) Z74 00:29:53
60 15:00 George Fox Wellingborough Cycles RT S 
61 15:01 Mark Greenhow St Neots CC (A) S 
62 15:02 David Norman Fenland Clarion CC (A) Jun 
63 15:03 Brian Wills Ambleside Velo Y67 00:28:32
64 15:04 Graham Bickle Kings Cliffe Flyers (A) X58 00:27:26
65 15:05 Myles Foskett Welland Valley CC (A) Jun 
66 15:06 Edward Mellor Beeston Cycling Club S 
67 15:07 Chris Parr Welland Valley CC (A) S 
68 15:08 Murray Kirton A5 Rangers CC (A) Z75 00:30:07
69 15:09 Michael Ives Team Jewson - MI Racing Z77 00:30:40
70 15:10 James Perkins Team Bottrill S 
71 15:11 Enrico Cacciatori Baines Racing Silverstone Cycle (A) S

(A) = Association Club Categories: S = Senior W = Woman Jun = Junior Juv = Juvenile 
X = Masters (born 1957-1966) Y = Masters (born 1947-1956) Z = Masters (born 1946 or earlier)

Welland Wonders Audax - Help

Please see below a message from long-term club member Mike Vybrial, who has organised the successful Welland Wonders Audax for many years.  This year's event is on Saturday 24 September.

Mike needs volunteers to help, particularly from 7am-9am.  If you can help then (or at other times), please contact Mike on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  
The full message from Mike ...

For your info, this is the 11th year of the Welland Wonders.  The rides all start and finish at Husbands Bosworth Sports Pavilion. We usually get 80+ riders, mostly local but also from far and wide.  Besides good exercise for the riders the event also brings in around £500 each year for a range of charities e.g. Air Ambulance, British Heart Foundations etc.  It's good PR for the area too. Many riders from further afield comment on the beauty of the area and are surprised by the number of the hills in SE Leics, N.Northants and Rutland!



Whizz Kids support #IAmTeamGB

This weekend the Whizz Kids will be supporting Team GB at Round 6 of the racing league - supported by Aldens Electrical. 
The racing at George House, Magna Park starts at 2pm. Please follow the directions for parking on arrival. 
The road circuit will be fast and flowing testing the skill level of our possible Olympic Champions of the future. :)
Tickety boo

Results Service

A massive thankyou to Mike Ives who has been busy behind the scenes collating results.

These links are to PDFs of the individual events in the Evening 10 and Championship series.

Evening 10: