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Upcoming Events

Ladies Ride

Sunday 8th February

The Square, Market Harborough

9am for 30 miles at a minimum of 13mph.

All welcome.



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Valentines Off-Road Skills

Saturday 14th February


Off-road Skills



Bike Mechanics Evening

Thursday 26th February

Harborough Town Football Club




Weekend Activities 

Saturday - Chain-gang - 10:00am

Sunday - Clubrun - 9:30am

Check the club forum for details 


 Watt Bike Sessions

Thursdays 7.30pm starting 8th January-

booking by 8:00pm Tuesday Evening essential.

See News Item Here for full details

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Welland Valley Cycling Club

2015 NCRA Entries

For 2015 there will be seven NCRA handicap races planned on local familiar courses with 4 Scratch races coming later in the year. The full list of Handicapped events is on the Word document which is downloadable from this email.


Each club will receive 5 rider places in each handicap race. Over the seven races that gives each club the opportunity to enter 35 places.

We will again be co-ordinating all handicapped race entries for 2015 and ask all prospective riders to commit to their allocated race. If you accept your place and cannot race for any reason beyond the closing date there will be no refunds or reserves and ultimately you will be taking up a place that someone else could have had. Each race has a 65 rider maximum, the organisers are happy to run below this number should riders pull out or not turn up for whatever reason, so please be 100% sure you can commit to the races you request selection for.


With the increased demand for local bunch racing, this year we as a club are doing more than ever to feed this demand and have at least one new road race added to the calendar. With this demand comes extra pressures on the organisers to find volunteers to help on race days. Whether it be for marshals, car drivers, line judges, catering or signing on, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

On the downloadable event form you will also see at the bottom a list of club event's. We would very much appreciate all prospective riders also volunteer to help at at least one of these events. There is no minimum or maximum requirement and your help can be fulfilled by a capable family member/friend should you also wish to race that event. Anybody who does volunteer will also gain preference when we are picking the rider fields.


Once you have your confirmed selected dates/rides for the Handicap series, you will have until the 15th of February to enter and pay for these races through the online event's entry system on the British Cycling's website. If for any reason you cannot ride an race for which you are selected please let me know before this date as this will be the last chance to try and fill your place with another rider. For those who have not used the online entry before we will send a link through for you, but please make sure you are registered online with British cycling before hand. Please do not enter before you have received selection confirmation!

In addition to the handicap races, there will be four 2/3/4/J/V/W scratch races (Dates TBC) there will be no limit on entries for this and all Welland Valley members will be guaranteed a ride. Also this year we have two, two day team events which includes a time trial (road bikes only – no tri-bars) and two 60 mile road races. The 3/4 2 day in May is already live on British Cycling. There is no limit on entries of teams of four however spaces are filling fast so be quick! The 2/3/4 two day in June we have space reserved for a competitive 5 man team. I will be coordinating this. If you wish to ride this please express interest on the attached word document.


Thursday evenings will see a return to the Rockingham Raceway for handicap and scratch races. The popularity of these races continues to grow and 2015 may see further develops such as some races for 4th cat riders on a different circuit to the 2nd/3rd cats. For anyone more Leicester based Mallory Park racing league( will also be holding handicapped races for all abilities. Welland Valley CC are supporting club and gain a reduced entry fee to all of our riders.


What to do now....

·Make sure you have a BC racing Licence and are registered to use online entry.
·Register your interest in riding in the NCRA races by filling in the ‘I’m willing and available for...’ section of the form -Download form here

·... then save and send the document to James Moore (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) indicating which rides you will be available for do not simply reply to this email!! PLEASE REPLY BY EMAIL BY 7/02/2015. We will not accept any submissions after this date.


This process does not apply to the Rockingham raceway or Mallory events, these are not limited to numbers and they are on a turn up, pay up and race basis.

For the 2/3/4 two day race team, riders will be approached by me. But again submit your name as being willing to race in this team with a yes/no response on the same form.

If you are new to cycling and want to take part in such events... get some experience of riding in a group at speed. Join in the Sunday club runs or the chain gang on a Saturday morning or something similar, it would be foolhardy to think that you could just enter a road race situation without some experience. If you rode the Rockingham Road Races last season, NCRA events may be the next step.


Welland Valley CC will be organising the first race March 7th. As a matter of priority I will need the help of the membership once again for assistance. I will need: 2 x Lead Cars, 15 x Marshals, 2 x Course Setters, 1 x Chief Judge (plus support)


James Moore
Road Race Secretary
Welland Valley Cycling Club

Ladies Ride - 8th February

The next Welland Valley CC ladies ride will be Sunday 8th February.

We depart the square at Market Harborough at 9am for 30 miles at a minimum of 13mph.

All welcome.