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Upcoming Events

This is due to a change of date for the Walton village open gardens to the 7th June.
Having spoken to the locals, it would be too dangerous and inconvenient to run our event on the Sunday.
The event will now take place on Saturday 6th June 2015 at 2pm.




 Evening 8.5mile TT

Tuesday 7th April



Marshalls - Dave Birch (Lead Marshall), Steve Alden, Linda Yarnold, Paul Barrett


Whizz Kids Family Event

Saturday 11th April


Misterton Hall, near Lutterworth


Ladies Club Run

Sunday 12th April


The Square

Market Harborough


Evening 8.5mile TT

Tuesday 14th April



Marshalls - Bill Barrie (Lead Marshall), Andy Batkin, Ron Beach, Steve Boat


Club Championship Rd 3

Sunday 19th April

10 Mile TT



Marshalls -

Stephen Bunn (Lead Marshall), Andrew Ayears, Paul Brazier, Julian Bradbury,
Mark Foskett


Watt Bike Sessions

Thursdays 7.30pm starting 8th January-

booking by 8:00pm Tuesday Evening essential.

See News Item Here for full details

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Welland Valley Cycling Club

March 31st 8.5m TT

Arm Warners

Arm Warmers - New Rules and Guidance

It has been great to see how club members have been so keen to adopt the new kit this year. With over £16k spent, and the kit worn in races and on rides all over the country already, it is wonderful to see how enthusiastically members have embraced the change.
As members start to use their new kit, however, they are faced with certain problems about how to combine items of new kit with old, and how to accessorize. Some of these decisions (e.g. red cap/blue cap ) are harmless enough, but the club is increasingly concerned about our members' approach to arm warmers.

It is understood that members need arm warmers, and that not everybody is in a position to invest in the stylish new club versions. It is also extremely impressive to see the breadth of members' imagination. So far we have seen members in new club arm warmers, all black, all red, all blue, all yellow and finally, contrasting red and blue items on different arms. Whilst these choices may appear harmless enough, it is becoming increasingly clear that the variety is undermining the unified kit image that we all selected, and is, in some cases, endangering our members.

Accordingly the Club Committee has decided to offer some basic guidance to members about the use of arm warmers:

1. All red and all blue options should not be worn as they disrupt the carefully designed balance of red and blue on the kit.
2. Use of an all black option should be restricted to high summer and bright days, for safety reasons. 
3. All yellow arm warmers are encouraged, although members should take precautions against insects at appropriate times of the year, 
4. Using blue and red combinations presents a specific safety concern. The air flows differently over fabrics in each of these colours (a fact proved in other instances at the Specialized wind tunnel facility in California), which causes a potential imbalance whilst cornering. This is an inherent issue with our new kit design, but it only becomes a potential hazard when significant additional blue or red is added in the form of leg warmers or arm warmers. Skilled riders can potentially adjust to this through "counter-steering" into corners, but as a club we cannot rely on our members consistently adopting this practice. Alternative solutions, such as contrasting the red arm warmer on the blue side of the kit and vice versa, are not considered aesthetically acceptable and could result in revocation of membership,
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5. New club edition arm warmers are acceptable in all conditions

It is unusual for the club to be so prescriptive about matters such as these, but with April now here and riders using the kit more and more, we hope members accept that it would be foolish not to make a stand on member safety and sartorial standards

Nick Clarke