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Wednesday nights 7.00-8.00pm

until 29th June. 

Meet at The Compass Point Business Park,

Northampton Road,

Market Harborough







Evening 10 Mile TT Series 10

 Tuesday 28th June


Kibworth Methodist Church Hall


Nick Clarke, Tom Evans, Mike Higgins, Stuart Holland,  Nick Horder





Rutland Water Family Ride

Saturday 2nd July




Evening 10 Mile TT Series 11

 Tuesday 5th July


Kibworth Methodist Church Hall


Mike Ives, Paul Hudson, Chris Hyde, Rob Jacks, Jake Jakobson



Saturday 9th July

Naseby Village Hall


E/1/2/3 & Womens Team Series






Tour de Welland 

Saturday 9th July


George House, Magna Park 


Evening 10 Mile TT Series 12

 Tuesday 12th July


Kibworth Methodist Church Hall


Adrian Killworth, Mitchell James, Roger Kockelbergh, Mark Traynor, Jake Hubbard


Evening 10 Mile TT Series 13

 Tuesday 19th July


Kibworth Methodist Church Hall


Dan High, Katie Hubbard, Mark Fairgrieve, Andy Mackay, Chris Lydall



Saturday 23rd July


Welland Park

Market Harborough


Evening 10 Mile TT Series 14

 Tuesday 26th July


Husbands Bosworth Sports Club


Simon Hopkins, Stephen Margetts, Liz McIndoe, Julian Middleton 



Evening 10 Mile TT Series 15 +

5 mile TT 

 Tuesday 2nd August

Rockingham Raceway 






The prestigious Lee Scampton trophy will be awarded to the club member

that has accumulated the most miles at the end of the season

(a week prior to the awards evening November 2016)

by completing any of the following;
- Reliability trial
- Sportive
- Or any official non-competitive ride.

 Please find below the updated totals as of the end of May;
Loz Cox 403
Nick Horder 270
John Welsford 254
Chris Dainty 254
Kevin Nichols 146
Claire Moore 104
Vic Barnett 100
Dom Switzer 85.5
George Timmins 85.5




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Welland Valley Cycling Club

Rayner is back

Phil Rayner narrowly missed a rewarding victory after returning from a shoulder injury. The former GB international had to settle for second in the NCRA event near Sawtry. Phil was joined by Hans van Nierop in the 60 mile road race on a rolling course.  

The long drag to the finish on Alconbury Hill requires the riders to time their effort to perfection. Both Phil and Hans rode intelligently with Phil just being piped to the finish line by James Woodfield – University of Nottingham with Hans also in the mix in 9th.    

Linda Hubbard and Matt Plews rode the latest round of the N&DCA time-trial series starting from Old, Northamptonshire. The 20 mile event was held in torrid wet conditions. Matt recorded 50:04 and Linda 56:02. The fastest was Felix Barker, Cambridge CC, 44 minutes 45 seconds.

Wow ...what a session

Welland Park Academy hosted a magical session today as the Welland Valley Whizz Kids invited Kettering Cyclones and Leicester Forest Rockets to their Grass Track Extravaganza. 

Perceptions and Thoughts on Sport Psychology

Hi member
I am currently doing my MSc project at Loughborough University, supervised by Dr Chris Harwood, which is titled, "The relationship between athlete personality and their attitudes towards sport psychology". 
I am writing in to ask if you could help me send an email/facebook blast to your club athletes with a link to the online survey for my project.
I believe that this area of research is important and relevant to all athletes as it will help sport psychologists better understand the athletes that they work with and provide better services to them. If you like, I can also provide you with a report of the findings after the study has been completed.
The survey is very short and will only take 5-10 mins of your athlete's time.
Ethical approval has been granted for this research, and information will be kept strictly confidential and the names of participants will remain anonymous.
The link to the online survey is…/1yUasM13AYZmZ4Kx88_l3j0…/viewform….

For more information, you can refer to the participant information sheet at the bottom of the email.
Thanks so much for your time. Please let me know if you are able to help me send the email/facebook blast to your athletes. Your help in this will be greatly appreciated!
Best regards,
Nathanael Ong
Participant Information Sheet
I would like to invite you to participate in this study, which aims to investigate how different personality traits are related to attitudes towards sport psychology in athletes.
What is the significance of this project? 
It is hoped that the study would reveal important information about how athletes’ attitudes towards sport psychology are affected by their personality. The information obtained from this study will help sport psychologists to better understand their athletes and improve their service delivery.
What will you have to do if you agree to take part?
You will have to fill in some demographic information, followed by two short questionnaires.
How much of your time will participation involve? 
Typically about 5-15 minutes.
Will your participation in the project remain confidential? 
Your name will remain anonymous during the analysis of the results, and will be held in strictest confidence. Your responses to the questionnaire will be used for the purpose of this project only and will not be disclosed to anyone else.
What are the advantages/disadvantages of taking part?
You may find this topic relevant and interesting since you are an athlete yourself. The findings of this study will be very useful to the sporting community and will help sport psychologists improve their service quality. There are no known disadvantages of taking part, as the procedure does not pose any health risks to the participants.
Can I withdraw at any point? 
Yes, participation is totally voluntary and you may withdraw at any point during the study.

Help, please help!

Dear All

We are still very short of volunteers to enable the Duncan Murray Wines road races to take place on Saturday 9 July 2016.  Without sufficient volunteers we cannot guarantee the safe running of the races, and they could be cancelled.
Many thanks to those who have already indicated they can help on the day – but please could I ask others if they might be available for marshalling duties, or if they know anyone who would be?
The Duncan Murray Wines races are a prestigious and important part of Welland Valley’s support for local cycling and are sponsored by club member Duncan Murray’s wine business in Market Harborough.

We plan to run two races from Naseby Village Hall, both in the morning of Saturday 9 July 2016.  There will be a Women’s race, part of the prestigious Women’s Team Series, and a Category E/1/2/3 race.  Volunteers would need to be available from a little before 9.00 to around noon. 

So, if you – or someone you know – are available to help on the morning of Saturday 9 July, do please let me know

Many thanks,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Grass Track Extravaganza - Team Challenge *

Calling all Whizz Kids :) :)

Hi Whizz Kids, this Saturday we have the Grass Track Team challenge at Welland Park Academy and we have invited riders from a couple of other local club to race for the team trophies - Kettering Cyclones and Leicester Forest Rockets.

Hopefully the weather will be good. :) :)

Although it is an inter club-challenge we will be adopting the Olympic values :)

Suggested Race Programme

Event 1 – Sprint - 
• Balance Bikes* straight sprint to finish line 
• U6 1¼ Lap (straight start + 1 full lap) 
• U8 1¼ lap
• U10 2¼ laps
• U12 2¼ laps
• U14 2¼laps

Event 2 – Scratch Race 1
• Balance Bikes* ½ lap, start back straight to finish
• U6 2¼ Laps (straight start + 2 full lap)
• U8 3¼ Laps
• U10 4¼ Laps
• U12 5¼ laps
• U14 6¼ laps

Event 3 – Team Italian Pursuit Sprint Mixed Ages 1x U6, 1xU8, 1xU10, 1xU12/U14 – 1 lap each

Event 4 – Keirin
• U6 2 laps Derney off at 150m to go
• U8 3 laps Derney off at 1 Lap to go
• U10 4 laps Derney off at 2 Laps to go
• U12 4 laps Derney off at 2 Laps to go
• U14 4 Laps Derney off at 2 Laps to go
Event 5 – Team Italian Pursuit Sprint Alternate riders Mixed Ages 1x U6, 1xU8, 1xU10, 1xU12/U14

Event 6 – Scratch Race 2
• Balance Bikes* ½ lap, start back straight to finish
• U6 2¼ Laps (straight start + 2 full lap)
• U8 3¼ Laps

Event 7 – Elimination (Devil Take the Hindmost) Race: 
• U10
• U12
• U14

Event 8 – All Riders Longest Lap

* If sufficient riders signed on

Come along and have some fun :O)

tickety boo

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