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Upcoming Events

Welland Wonder Audax

Saturday 20th September

50k, 100k & 160k Bike Rides

Husbands Bosworth

8:00am onwards



 Whizz Kids

Skills Session

  Saturday 27th September  

 Welland Park, Market Harborough

  Start 14:00


Ride for Rosemary

Misterton Hall, near Lutterworth

35mile, 23mile or 11mile family route

Saturday 4th October



 Club Championship Round 11

Hill Climb

Sunday October 5th

2 stages, Drayton and Medbourne

HQ - Nevill Holt

10:00am start


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Welland Valley Cycling Club


Dear All
You will be aware that the club's AGM last October resolved that "the club kit be redesigned in time for the 2015 season and that the current club colours should be retained", and that at an EGM on 30 June 2014 a winning kit design was voted for by a majority of members present at the meeting.
You may or may not also be aware that some members, including a minority of Committee members, have expressed concerns that the chosen shirt design included too much black styling when compared with the club's constitution, which includes the phrase "the club colours shall be red, yellow and blue".
To resolve this issue, the Committee has asked the original designer to produce a version of his original design which addresses that concern by being more clearly based on the club colours, and so may form the basis for a more full consensus of members.
The Committee has agreed to seek members' views on their preference of the two designs:
            Design A: exactly that voted for at the EGM.
            Design B: the version of that design, with less black and more red and blue.
These two designs can be seen HERE.
We could seek those views at a further EGM, but that would take a lot more of our members' time on an issue they have already voted on.  So, instead, the winning design will be chosen by a survey vote of members.
Members will be allowed one vote, which must be for one or the other of the two designs.  The design receiving the most votes will be that chosen for next season.  There will be no other changes, unless required by British Cycling or to facilitate the manufacturing process.
Please CLICK HERE to take part in the survey.  You will need your WVCC membership number.
The survey closes at midnight on Sunday 28 September 2014.
The Committee apologises for this additional process.  Please be assured that this was the best way forward we could find to a problem which has been the cause for considerable debate and concern in some quarters.
Stuart Dawkins
Club Secretary

Ladies' Ride


Throughout the season I have been chatting to several ladies that have expressed an interest in starting a ladies ride within the club.

I know Linda has mentioned about doing a 30-40 Mile ladies ride at a steady pace.


I thought I would see what interest there would be before organising a ride.

Please let me know if you would be interested in a ladies ride say once a month.


Many thanks

Claire Moore

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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